Slash Time Reconciling Finance With Your CRM and ERP Data

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To reconcile figures across sales, accounting, and finance, you need comprehensive reporting and auditing integrating all those data sources. Wrangling the data together in Microsoft Excel is not only a major hassle, it’s risky and potentially inconsistent and incomplete. And procuring the necessary data engineering resources when you need them is tricky at best.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could connect all your data sources quickly and easily and for automated reporting within the business intelligence tool you prefer?

Hear from our very own Senior Data Analyst, Kristin Bagnall, and Director of Finance, Kalor Lewis, about how Fivetran uses NetSuite, Looker and Fivetran internally for continuous financial reporting.


Kalor Lewis

Diretor of Finance


Kristin Bagnall

Senior Data Analyst


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