Integrate & Analyze: How to Become a Modern Marketer

May 7, 2020
11:00 AM PDT

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Marketers have moved on from hunches and gut feelings to using in-app dashboards and analytics to shape their strategies, track campaign performance, and expand their audiences. While this data-driven approach is a vast improvement, marketers are still missing out on transformative insights because data is spread across multiple platforms -- making it nearly impossible to get a clear picture of the customer journey.

Leaving data in these silos and using the same limited analytics every other marketer has access to only ensures the same results every other marketer is having - next-level marketing requires next-level analytics. Taking a holistic approach to analytics and integrating multiple data sources together elevates your data analysis to a new level where deeper and more impactful insights can be uncovered.

Join experts from Fivetran, ITS and Sigma as they demonstrate how to:

  • Pull data out of silos so marketers can get a full pictures and analyze their marketing and customer data together

  • Build a modern cloud analytics stack where information like ad spend, website and operational data can be compiled into powerful, integrated dashboards

  • Go beyond a data-driven strategy to an insight-driven one


Integrate & Analyze: How to Become a Modern Marketer

Thursday, May 7, 2020

11:00 AM PDT - 60 minutes


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Frank Bell

VP, Data & Analytics


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