Fivetran Database Connector Demo Request

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Fivetran automated database connectors reliably sync data from your transactional databases into your data warehouse, powering database analytics.

Fivetran is automatically replicating databases for over 1,000 of our customers at this very moment. During this demo, see why businesses use Fivetran to centralize their transactional data. We'll cover:

  • How Fivetran addresses common database replication headaches
  • Features that set our database connectors apart
  • How to connect and begin syncing your databases

“We have transaction-level data updating every three hours and we could have it every 15 minutes if we wanted. It is giving us a single source of truth and allowing us to harmonize processes and identify inefficiencies. We were never going to get here prior to this stack. Now, we have enabled the entire business. We can do whatever we want.” - Nick Heigerick, IT Manager of BI, Oldcastle Infrastructure



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