How Ritual's Ecommerce Data Stack Powers Their Customer Retention Program

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Brett Trani, Director of Data and Analytics, is one half of Ritual’s two-person data team. Still, he was able to achieve what far larger data teams have struggled with for years -- how to build data transformation and models that improve customer acquisition and shape long-term customer retention strategies. The result? Better collaboration across growth & lifecycle teams, and higher customer lifetime value.

Watch this webinar and meet your favorite characters in the modern data stack story:

  • Fivetran for automated extraction of data with connectors that keep up with change in source API and schemas as well as loading of data with expertly prebuilt schemas

  • Snowflake for a no-maintenance cloud data platform that any analyst can manage

  • dbt for SQL-based data transformation, modeling, and testing


Brett Trani

Director of Data & Analytics


Vishnu Vijayakumar

Sales Engineer


Claire Carroll

dbt Community Manager

Fishtown Analytics

Kristin Bagnall

Senior Data Analyst


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